Physical Angel
This relates to the being we can create from the qualities we have, which can ,not only uplift us, but also others. Its our true selves. What we can become if we find a way to rid ourselves of the blockages that keep us from seeking the truth, that keep us from loving .

Transformation, Metamorphosis
Often bringing forth our true selves is not easy, but one finds within the struggle, a metamorphosis, a change, a movement that can bring forward one’s qualities. These are times when one faces what we are doing that keeps us from loving and being at peace with ourselves.

Star Child
Our children, like ourselves, are children of the Universe. We are just the caretakers. They are precious, as we are precious. They have their own agendas to seek. Who knows from what distant place they may have come?

A quality of love that goes beyond need or want. A wish for the well being of others. A giving without taking.

In order to forgive others you must first forgive yourself which leaves one, once again, naked, open, but not alone as the higher self is what you find in what you think is aloneness.

Dream Flowers I, II, III
Where does the beauty of nature come from? The seed, the sprout, the sun, the rain, all this to create this cycle of growth and death… and beauty.

Beyond the Sea of Dreams
This relates to the place within us where we all know, but have covered it over with the way we live, so it is hidden until we have the courage to go there, to seek who we really are. There you will find qualities such as kindness, gentleness, quietness, and maybe even peace.

This angel is holding the Earth in her hands because it needs healing.

Listen… Then you will know
In the silence is the peace that “surpasses all understanding”
Beyond the silence…???

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